L&D Loss and Damage
LAN Local Area Network
Landing Legs
Lash Vessels
LAT Local Area Transport
LC Letter of Credit
LC Load Capacity
LCC Life Cycle Cost
LCL Less than Container Load
LCL Less then Carload Lot
LCP Local Clearance Procedure
LCV Long Combination Vehicle
ldc Loss During Charge
ldd Loss During Discharge
Lean logistics
Letter of Credit
Lettera di credito
Lettera di credito confermata
Lettera di trasporto merci
Lettera di vettura
LGV Light Goods Vehicle
Libera pratica
LIFO Last In First Out
LILO Last In Last Out
LIMS Logistics Inventory Management System
Liquid bulk
LIS Logistics Information System
Lkg&Bkg Leakage and Breakage
LLP Lead Logistics Partner
LMBO Leveraged Management Buy Out
LME London Metal Exchange
LMT Local Mean Time
LNG Liquid Natural Gas
Logistic Network
Logistic Operator
Logistic Service Provider
Logistica di ritorno
Logistica Integrata
Logistica militare
Logistica Urbana
Logistics Costs
LoLo Lift on Lift off
Lotto economico di acquisto di produzione di vendita
Lower deck
LPD Lot Tolerance Percent Defective
LPG Liquified Petroleum Gas
LR Load Range
LSM Logistics Support Manager
LSMI Logistics Support Management Information
LSP Logistics Service Provider
LT Lead Time
LTA Lettera di trasporto aerea
LTA lettera di trasporto aereo
Ltd Limited
LTL Carrier
LTL Less Than Truckload
LTM lettera di trasporto marittimo
LWB Long Wheel Base