F&D Freight and Demurrage
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAK Freight All Kinds FAO
FAO Food and Agricultural Organization
FAS Free Alongside Ship
Fast Moving Consumer Goods
FB Freight Bill
FC&S Free of Capture and Seizure
FCA Free Carrier
FCI Freight Carriage Insurance
FCL Full Container Load
Fco Fco Franco
FCP Freight Carriage Paid To
FCR Forwarders' Certificate of Receipt o Forwarders' Cargo Receipt
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FDC Free Carrier
Fede di deposito
Feeder Vessel
FEU Forty Foot Equivalent Unit
FF Freight Forwarder
FGP Factory Gate Price
FHEX Fridays and Holidays Excluded
FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association
Field Service Management
Field Service Parts
FIFO First In First Out
Fifth Wheel
File Transfer Protocol
FIO Free In and Out
Fl oz Fluid Ounce
Flag Carrier
Flash memory
FMC Federal Maritime Commission
FOB Free On Board
FOC Free of Charge
FoD Free of Damage
FOR Free On Rail
Force Majeure
Foreign Trade Zone
Fork Lift
Fork Lift Truck
Forrester, Effetto
Forza maggiore
FOT Free of Tax
FOT Free On Truck
Fourth Party Logistic Service Provider
FPA Free of Particular Average
Free Trade Zone
Freight Audit
Freight Management
Freight Ton
FSD Final Supplementary Declaration
FSR Field Stock Room
FSTL Full Service Truck Lease
Ft Foot Feet
FTK Freight Ton Kilometre
FTL Full Truck Load
Fuzzy logic
FZ Free Zone Free Duty Zone